Andrew Yang's Visit: A Day of Community, Conversation, and Support for Yes On 3

06 November, 2022

On November 5th, 2022, the Nevada Forward Party was thrilled to host Andrew Yang, a champion for innovative political solutions and a co-founder of the Forward Party. His visit was not only a show of support for the Nevada Forward Party but also a rallying cry for the passage of Yes On 3, a measure that would adopt open primaries and ranked-choice voting in Nevada.

A Morning of Volunteering:

The day began with Andrew and his crew volunteering alongside Brian Harris,the creator of the Facebook group Independent Black Voters. Brian, along with local Las Vegas organizations, has been doing incredible work in the community, providing food at no cost to those in need. Andrew's participation in this effort highlighted the importance of community engagement and service.

A Conversation about Leadership:

Following the volunteering activity, Andrew sat down for a podcast interview with the Forward Party endorsed candidate Will Rucker (AD13). They engaged in a thoughtful discussion about compassionate leadership, empathy, and the role of these qualities in effective governance.

After the podcast, Andrew spent time with our supporters and volunteers, answering questions and sharing his vision for a more inclusive and effective political system. 

Rallying Support for Yes On 3:

The day concluded with an event in downtown Las Vegas, where Andrew rallied support for Yes On 3 among supporters, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and allies. Everyone’s passionate advocacy for this measure played a significant role in its eventual passage, with 52.94% of voters voting in favor of adopting open primaries and ranked-choice voting.


Andrew Yang's visit was a powerful demonstration of the values that the Nevada Forward Party stands for - community engagement, open dialogue, and innovative political solutions. As we continue our work, we are inspired by his commitment to these principles and the positive response from our community.

We invite you to join us in our journey as we strive to move Nevada and American politics FORWARD! 

Sign up for one of our upcoming events, and find out how you can get involved!

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