A Day of Dialogue and Unity: Governor Christine Todd Whitman's Visit to Nevada

28 January, 2023

January 27, 2023, in a time when political division seems to be the norm, the Nevada Forward Party was honored to host former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman (CTW) for a series of events that championed unity, dialogue, and a fresh perspective on our political system.

A Dialogue for Change: The Gallagher Series

CTW's visit began with the Guinn Center’s Gallagher Series, a dialogue program for Nevada lawmakers and opinion leaders. Here, CTW engaged in a candid discussion about the division in the country, disinformation, and the need to look beyond the two-party political system. Her message resonated with the diverse group of attendees, which included state legislators and other influential figures.

Breakfast with a Side of Politics: Hispanics In Politics Event

The following morning, CTW and Lindsey Drath, our current Forward CEO, joined the monthly meeting of Hispanics In Politics. Facilitated by Professor Sondra Cosgrove, a Forward ally and leader in the Yes On 3 ballot measure, the event was a an opportunity to network with community leaders. 

Town Hall: Energizing the Crowd

The day concluded with a town hall event, where CTW and our volunteers and supporters came together to discuss the future of Nevada and the country. CTW's message of bipartisanship and getting things done together was a hit!


CTW's visit was more than a series of events - it was a testament to the power of dialogue, unity, and a fresh perspective on politics. As we continue our work at the Nevada Forward Party, we are inspired by her words, and the positive response from our community.

We invite you to join us in our journey as we strive to move Nevada and American politics FORWARD! 

Sign up for one of our upcoming events, and find out how you can get involved!

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